Nora Von Roll Martinez Rico


I am the maestra principal and of the founders of Swordz Mexicana Maestros.

I was born in Slovakia but when I was 5 I moved to Bonn , Germany with my family. There I was attending a German primary school.
After 4 years I moved back to Slovakia to start a Slovak school focused on English. 2 years later I moved again to Germany with my family, this time to Munich.
I spent four years in a German grammar school, where I started to learn French. At the age of 17 I moved to Slovakia and then graduated a bilingual Austrian high school with an Austrian diploma.
During university I visited the U.S. many times to do intensive English courses and to finish my TOEFL. In my 4th year at university, in my master studies, I did an exchange in Dijon, France to improve my French.
I finished university at the age of 23, I received my master's degree in international management (focus on marketing and public relations). Then I decided to move to Barcelona, Spain to live, work and learn Spanish.
I have rich experience in teaching, during my university time I was teaching adults and children privately, in language schools and in companies. I was also doing translations and proofreading.
During my studies at university I worked as an insurance agent where I learned what it is to work on my own and manage my time and work.
The experience was very helpful because I learned how to talk and deal with people in a professional manner and this is very valuable for the position I have in the company.
When I went to Spain I found a job as a debt recovery specialist. I was in contact with internal and external customers and I had to negotiate with lawyers, the police, colleagues in Spain and other countries for which I was responsible.
My primary responsibility was Slovakia and the Czech Republic but I was also doing the replacement and support for Germany, France, Great Britain and Ireland, using all my language and negotiation skills.

I gained a lot of experience with teaching languages during my studies at university. I was teaching adults and children privately, in language schools and in companies. I was also translating and proofreading.

Here in Swordz Mexicana Maestros I gave many individual classes, classes to groups and several national and international companies. I translated over 180 documents and webpages of various language combinations and topics.
I have over a year of experience on how to do all the administration and lead a company that provides language services.
In Swordz Mexicana Mestros I give individual, group classes and classes for companies in English, German and French and I translate from/to English, German, French and Slovak.